The Peplow Group

Next Racing Industry Academy - June - December 2021

The Peplow Group have been providing meaningful, results driven management development, specific to different sectors and
organisations, for the last twenty-eight years. Started in 2009, the Management Academy has proved to be a huge success delivering measurable results for both participants and their employers.

Why invest in the Academy?

Increasing the effectiveness of management and leadership is critical to the success of all organisations. This programme has shown that it can make a significant contribution to meeting current challenges.

Who should attend?

This programme will suit those who aspire to senior roles within your organisation or those who wish to become more effective in their current role. Careful selection of candidates ensures that the organisation gains maximum benefit from the programme. Several clients have pointed out that the investment in the programme is often less than the cost of recruiting a replacement.

Business Benefits 

  • Retain and motivate your key talent
  • Develop your future senior managers
  • Offer Individual career development
  • Focus your leaders to develop and achieve your business objectives
  •  Unlock potential – both individually and for their teams 
  • Demonstrate your commitment – to employees, partners and customers. 

Why The Peplow Group?

The Peplow Group over the last 25 years have helped over 130 organisations to develop themselves, their teams and their key individuals. As well as their experience in racing, they have worked with demanding sectors of industry such as engineering, motor sports and construction. Their approach is pragmatic and professional. Their facilitators all come with a proven track record in business and they are all professionally qualified.

What makes this offer different?

Within the Academy framework we offer choice. Each individual, having been assessed, follows their own individual development plan. Individuals are therefore able to plan, choose and commit to various activities that are designed to meet their exact individual needs. For many there will be a requirement for new ideas, tools or techniques. For others, there will be a need for coaching and support to make best use of new knowledge and to help them become more effective.

Typical Content

The eight-month programme consists of: 

  • Introduction, assessment & feedback day 
  • Team & Innovation day 
  • Communicating effectively workshop 
  • Managing performance workshop 
  • Managing yourself workshop 
  • Problem solving and decision-making workshop 
  • Developing your people workshop 
  • Self – study modules available
  • Two one to one individual coaching sessions 
  • Individual support for 9 months

What our clients say about the programme:

"We have been delighted with this programme. There has been a noticeable improvement in performance in all those who have taken part and already a number have gained promotion within the Group. It is also pleasing to see how their performance has helped others who work with them to improve. I am very pleased. " Paul Fisher, Group Managing Director, Jockey Club Racecourses.

“I have taken a lot away from the programme, learnt a lot, tried to improve in areas that needed development. My team have much clearer goals and a clear understanding of what is expected.” Delegate 2011

“The techniques I have gained to manage both myself and other people make this programme a must for both current and aspiring managers within racing.” Delegate 2013

“I have developed my managerial skills and gained confidence in my role as a manager. I would highly recommend the BRS Management Academy to anyone in the racing/ bloodstock industry looking to improve themselves and what they can offer to their company.” Delegate 2014

“It was also a great networking opportunity and interesting to gain an insight into the operational styles of other organisations. A short time after completing the course I was promoted to my current role as Head of Operations and the Academy has undoubtedly helped me progress and make a smooth transition into a more senior position.” Delegate 2015

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the programme and have come away from each session with at least one very valuable new tool, skill or experience. I am now looking forward to having the opportunity to put into practice all I have learnt and to use my knowledge and skills for the benefit of the business." Delegate 2014

For further information or to book a place on a programme please contact –

Peter Burnet or ring 01828 650467.